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Handbooks Purchased by COCLL

Matthew Bender
Anderson's OH Domestic Relations Practice Manual (October, 2017)
Anderson's OH Criminal Law Handbook (April, 2017 & November, 2017)
Anderson's OH Traffic Law Handbook (November, 2017)
Anderson's OH Family & Elder Law Handbook (April, 2017)
Anderson's OH Probate Law Handbook (April, 2017)
Rules Governing Courts of OH (August, 2017)
Anderson's OH Juvenile Law Handbook (September, 2017)

Pocket Part Exchange

Title Current Senders Current Recipients
ALR 6th Franklin Washington
ALR Federal 2d Lake Washington
Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms Stark Jefferson
Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms Lorain Summit
Am Jur Proof of Facts 3d Franklin Lorain
American Law of Medical Malpractice Supreme Court Cuyahoga
Corbin on Contracts Franklin Stark
Corbin on Contracts Hamilton Jefferson
Corpus Juris Secundam Supreme Court Washington
Crimes of Violence: Homicide & Assault Lake Jefferson
Crimes of Violence: Rape & Other Sex Crimes Lake Jefferson
Developing Labor Law Cuyahoga Lorain
Federal Practice and Procedure Cuyahoga Stark
Handling Consumer Credit Cases Lake Cuyahoga
Handling Criminal Appeals Lake Cuyahoga
Handling Narcotic & Drug Cases Lake Jefferson
Law of Sentencing Lake Cuyahoga
Law of Trusts & Trustee's (Bogert) Lake Jefferson
Legal Mapractice Cuyahoga Lorain
Newberg on Class Actions Cuyahoga Stark
Page on the Law of Wills Hamilton Jefferson
Page on the Law of Wills Lake Lorain
Recovery of Damages for Bad Faith Hamilton Cuyahoga
West's Legal Forms Cuyahoga